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Why choose Collection Pot?

Collection Pot brings group gifting into the 21st century and now every celebration can be inclusive.

Collection Pot can be used for any occasion you can think of where you would like a group of people to come together in celebration. It could be the arrival of a baby, a colleague leaving the business, wedding, birthday, or saving with friends for a trip of a lifetime.

It works brilliantly for all those special occasions, but also can be used for community wide projects, a charity fundraiser, or to celebrate with a friend who’s achieved a key personal goal.

If you have remote workers, group of friends or family spread across the country or even the world, by sharing the link to the pot they can all come together, contributing any amount, anytime, anywhere. By adding their donation and writing a message of support or congratulations the Collection Pot recipient can see who has donated and read all the supporting messages.

Taking away the ‘secret’ envelope from collections,  Collection Pot allows monetary donations of any value, meaning if people haven’t got change on them, they can still show appreciation, wish good luck or celebrate the good news.

Collection Pot also helps you achieve your charitable goals by allowing you to give a portion, or all, of the total balance to any charity of your choice, or to our chosen charity, The Frank Bruno Foundation.

Collection Pot makes collecting money so simple and just as importantly – fun!

Set up a Collection Pot online that allows everyone to donate, as and when it suits them.