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Jane's Baby Gift Collection Pot

Demo Pot

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this pot closed on 1st April 2019

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£1,070.00 raised


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Phil Davis

Many congratulations x

Danny Hearnah

Best wishes for the future x

Dani Stevens

Many congratulations to you and baby bump x

Rachael Hayward

Congratulations Jane - best wishes to you and Dave on your new arrival x

Paula Thompson

Many congrats Jane - great news x

Joe Brown

Many congratulations - look forward to meeting your new arrival x

Paula Thompson

Wow - many congratulations, keep in touch x

Danny Hearnah


Max Roswell

So happy for you and Ross. Best wishes from the family. Xx

Lucy Collingham

Aah! Can't wait to meet the new member of the family! Hope you can buy some nice clothes with this :) X

Nanny Green

Seeing my daughter all grown up makes me so happy. lol, Nan x

Sandra Thomas

So happy for you Jane. Congratulations. X

Nick Coles

Congratulation and best wishes Jane x